Style By Lillian


Take your closet from nightmare to dreamy,  pack the perfect suitcase, and NEVER say "I have nothing to wear!" again. 

I believe fashion should be fun, and nothing is a bigger bummer than an overstuffed closet filled with outdated, ill fitting, or just plain not your style clothing! Let me help you create your ideal wardrobe, and give you useful and personalized tips and tricks to make getting dressed in the morning the best part of your day! 

You deserve to feel your best every day, and the confidence that comes from wearing clothes that you love will help. I want everyone to know that fashion isn't reserved for some elite group. If you wear a dress every day, or you prefer jeans and a t-shirt, your personal style is a part of who you are. 

Services I offer

Personal shopping; in person or virtual, helping you find pieces you will love, for a special event, change in life, or every day classics

Closet Organizing; turning your closet into your personal boutique, and make getting dressed fun! 

Wardrobe consulting;  helping you create a complete wardrobe that suits your personal style and lifestyle. Also includes seasonal capsule wardrobe and traveling capsules. 

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