Monday, September 8, 2014

My Life in Pictures. July and August

It seems like even though most days seem to last for more than 24 hours, the past two months have flown by! Its been a flurry of activity, I got a new job, loved it, hated it, and quit it. E and I went on a mini road trip for his birthday, Marm and I found a new BBC show that we TOTALLY LOVE, and its  finally tea weather again! Here is some sneak peeks into what I've been up to.

Little Z put Curious George into a Time Out

We visited the cutest little cupcake shop in Chico (a town about an hour away from here)

There was a horse in the Goodwill parking lot

E and little J wore matching denim jackets. Little J hasn't been coming around as often so I treasure every minute I get with this snuggly sweet little boy. 

Mr Carson decides that Little J (and his tuna sandwich) are ok after all.

I found this ADORABLE basket on the side of my street, its already my favorite thing to tote veggies in at the farmers market

I made mini cheesecakes with salted caramel sauce, this is a picture of the second batch of caramel sauce, before THIS happened

While trying to pour the caramel sauce into a mason jar to stash it in the fridge, the pot bumped the jar and the whole thing crashed to the floor, slicing open Marms foot, and making a big sticky broken glass mess all over the floor. But WHY did I need to make a second batch in the first place? Thats because THIS happened 

That is the first batch, which I over cooked and accidentally made into toffee, pouring it into this mason jar and coming back later to find a rock hard brick of toffee, stuck permanently in this jar. 

Little Z and Baby L hanging out with my while I put away some laundry, watching Frozen and being the cutest cuties.

Mr Carson loves strawberry boxes... or any box really

I kind of LOVE making these little pins, these are made with a friends borrowed machine, I'm going to sell them to save up for my own. I only need to sell 400 of them at $1 each and I'll be there! 

I made a baked cheese sandwich and the cut pieces made a heart. AW! 

What have all you been up to? Good things I hope. 


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