Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I Wore, Flowers in the Woods

Lately I've been reading a lot of blogs that feature not-your-average subject. Plus-sized women, older women, women with off the wall style, women who make their own clothes, women who only dress in vintage clothing, women who never post pictures of them selves and write things so funny you will get tears in your eyes. This makes me feel both discouraged and inspired, which is an odd combination. 
I feel discouraged because my life is noticably less organized/adorable/well-designed/well-dressed/funny than those women's lives appear to be. I feel discouraged because I have so few days when I'm wearing anything but yoga pants, so few days when I do anything worth blogging about, so few days when I feel even a little bit funny or smart, so few days when I can find the silver lining in the clouds that seem to loom over my head.

I feel inspired because when I first started reading blogs, there seemed to be nothing but thin rich white women blogging about outfits that cost more than most folks rent, and endless trips to places I couldn't ever dream of going, which made me feel like trying to blog would be a fool's errand. Now when I read blogs I see women (and men and non-binary folks) of every shape, color, style, and type of writing, that you can think of. All these people, pouring themselves out onto these pages. I bet a lot of them wake up in the morning and feel like being well dressed or funny or smart is an insurmountable task. 
And if blogging this long has taught me anything, its that anybody can do anything. 
Especially Lillian. 

Recently E and I went to his grandparent's chicken farm, which just might be the most beautiful place in the world. Its been pouring rain recently so everything is lush and green and smells like trees and fresh air. E treated himself to a new camera on black friday and is finally getting around to learning to use it. You can expect the quality of my outfit pictures to improve moving forward and I can officially  add "hunky photographer boyfriend" to my list of awesome things about my life. 

Dress; Liz Lange for Target (Similar)
Cardigan; H&M kids
Scarf; World Market (Similar)
Boots; Jessica Simpson (Similar)

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  1. The most important words in your entire post (other than hunk boyfriend) are "than those women's lives APPEAR TO BE"

    They may appear to be all together. Appearances are nice. Don't base your reality on someone else's appearance. You're doing fine.

    And speaking of things so funny you have tears in your eyes...if you don't finish your Downton Abbey recaps I will hunt you down (no), tie you to a chair (no) and force you to do nothing but view perfect women in perfect outfits in perfect lives until your eyes bleed (no). Please don't bring this terrible fate upon yourself. (no, no, no)

    I love your recaps and have recommended them to several people. Don't leave us hanging!


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