Monday, October 28, 2013

Manicure Monday, Sparkle Magic

I've been slacking on manicure pictures because I've been getting acrylic nails lately. I know they arent for everyone, in fact some people straight up hate them. My natural nails are very weak and soft, so having a hard shell over them is the best choice for me to protect them from getting bashed up at work. Also, and most importantly, SPARKLES!

 These are my current nails, lavender and pink sparkles with pink and silver stars, Plus teal, royal purple, and blue sparkle with teal stars on my ring finger and thumb. PLUS! Lavender 3D bows with a rhinestone! PLUS! I added extra pink to the clear bit at the base of the nail because why not.
I called these my space mermaid nails, lavender, blue and and teal hex glitter (my mermaid scales!) with teal/green stars.

 These were Galaxy Princess nails, purple, blue, and hot pink glitter with silver/ holo circles, surrounded by hot pink and white hearts and dots nail art.
 I was the maid of honor in my beautiful friend Steph's wedding, (more on that later) so these are in her wedding colors, shades of soft rose, with gold and holo shimmer, plus gold and white nail art. My ring fingers look a little green in this picture but in real life they were a pure champagn gold.
I called these my Twilight Sparkle nails, named after the My Little Pony, deep magenta and silver glitter with silver and black and pink stars, plus holo circles. WOO!

So thats what my fingernails have been up to, lots and lots of sparkle.


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  1. nail design beautiful and interesting, thanks for giving me a good idea of nail designs.


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