Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book Heaven

I've told people about Cal's Books before, about its rows of bookshelves to the ceiling, more books than I've ever seen in my life, more books than The Beast gave to Belle in that Kick Ass Library. The only way to REALLY understand it is to go there but I think Iphone pictures are a close second. SO ENJOY BIBLIOPHILES! 

Three huge garage units of books stacked to the ceiling 
 Skinny isles snaking between bookshelves, with flat books sticking out holding stacks of more books

 The back wall even has one of those awesome sliding ladders.

 Then there are glass cases filled with first editions, out of print books, and vintage finds.

Do you have a favorite bookstore? Does it have books stacked to the ceiling?



  1. Yes and yes. It's called The Bookworm and, though it's much smaller than your description of Cal's, it looks ridiculously similar. In the best possible way. :)


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