Friday, May 2, 2014

Manicures of the Month

Here is what my nails have been up to since my last manicure post!

I've been leaning more towards this rounded shape, its a bit more practical than my stiletto nails. Plus I get 90% of my nail inspiration from japanese nail salons, where the rounded shape is super popular.

I got these the day I saw Frozen, can you tell? Totally Ice Queen inspired!

These were made entirely with acrylic! No Polish! They made a really great louboutin effect when I painted them after.

This time I wanted to experiment with the clear base, with varying amounts of glitter.  It made for a very cool jelly/layered effect.

As of now, my nails are this super cheerful springy easter egg rainbow! I really love the every nail a different color look, but its hard to have all the colors make sense together. These colors are so perfectly  SPRING without being pastel. 

Downton Abbey post (and just a lot more posting in general) is on its way, I promise!


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  1. My gosh those are awesome! I can never do nails as even when I put polish on I become keenly aware of the feeling and just end up trying to scratch of peel the stuff off. Cheers to you though, they look amazing!


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