Friday, March 28, 2014

What I Wore to Try to Learn Math

By far the worst part of my job is the MATH. I'm a sales assistant so I often get a big pile of post it notes and printed out emails with little notes that say, add 15% or mark up 10% or split cost between these two quotes. WHAT!? The first week or so I sweated through all my sweaters and hot tears spilled out onto my calculator as I furiously tried to figure out why every time I tried to find 15% of 674, I got a different number. Eventually I learned that marking something up 10% is not the same as adding 10% to it (I am still not sure why or how, but I know that it is) and I made a little cheat sheet of what buttons to press on my calculator and pinned it to the wall. 

little plant and window by my desk

Other than all the horrible awful no good math, my dresses and cardigans are all getting lots of good use. My office is pretty casual so I can wear all my favorite clothes, even my vans! Its hard to see but this dress has a really cute cowl neck, and the comfiest 1/4 sleeves.  I scored it at goodwill for $6! 

Dress; Liz Lange Via Goodwill, Leggings; AA, Shoes; Vans Sweethearts

So those of you who are target shoppers might have guessed, this dress is actually from Target's maternity line. I am NOT PREGNANT! It just turns out I've got curves that fit well into clothes designed for just barely pregnant ladies.

So I know that half the people reading this are just waiting for me to say when the final Downton Abbey post will be ready. SOON I promise.
The other half are people looking to buy that Little Pal grill I showed you in THIS POST. Unfortunately I decided to use it, not sell it, and most of the paint bubbled up and fell off. I am scouring the internet to try to find you another one and I will post links here when I find it.

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  1. Glad to see you, love the shoes. Don't understand the difference between marking up 10% and adding 10%, but I'm retired, so maybe I don't have to know… ;-)


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