Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What I Wore to Celebrate America's Birthday

I would not consider myself un-patriotic or un-american but I must admit I do have a little trouble espousing YAY FREEDOM every 4th of July when the only people who actually became free that day was a very small goup of Rich Land-Owning White Men. I am of the opinion that true freedom is a  road we are still traveling, a destination no yet reached.

HOWEVER, if there is one thing I can really truly get behind is a THEME. I love themed parties, any excuse to dress up.  Christmas and the 4th of July are the only reason I even own red clothing (although I did have to borrow from Marm this year!)

 T-shirt; American Apparel (borrowed from Marm) Skirt & Socks; Old Navy,  Shoes; Van's

 Bag; Sailor Jerry.  Fun fact about this purse, I wanted it for years but a friend had it and made it clear she would be very unhappy if I got the same one.  Finally we broke off our friendship and I treated myself to this purse, and it was on sale! The best part was realizing that true friends want their friends to be happy, and when you have the same dress or purse its not a bad thing, you wear them at the same time! TWINNING! 

 OF COURSE I had to bake something, I made mini cupcakes from my favorite recipe, Betty Crocker's Starlight Cake. The best thing about mini cupcakes is that a regular batch makes a TON of them. Also you can eat 2 or 3 or 10.

How was your Fourth of July? Did you have fun? Did you do anything special?


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