Friday, February 13, 2015

What to Buy Yourself For Valentines Day

Tomorrow is Valentines day, but unlike gifts that are given by the object of your affection, gifts to yourself are forgiven for being late. If I were a nicer or more organized blogger I would have written this post 2 weeks ago, but I'm not and I didn't. 
This year, no matter if you are expecting 1 dozen long stemmed roses from your dashing lover, or if you plan to spend the evening eating chinese food and watching House of Cards on Netflix, I insist that you treat yourself to something.
After all your relationship with yourself if the one that matters the most, it will be the longest one you have, and it can either be the most loving and fulfilling, or it can be the source of your deepest unhappiness. For your consideration, I have assembled a list of things would make an excellent gift, from you, to you, with love.



Jewelry (besides flowers and chocolates, which are less fun to shop for online) is probably the MOST traditional Valentines day gift. I've picked out some of my favorite pieces for you. 

The Ambro Ring from Digby and Iona, is the perfect non-diamond ring for the apple of your eye. The wave shaped engraving in the sides, and the freeform shape and color of the one of a kind rose cut watermelon tourmaline are show stoppers. You like it, so put a ring on it.

The Holly Golightly Pearl Necklace from Keil James Patrick is also a classic with a twist. I love their signature anchor shaped findings, it would look beautiful in front as a kind of charm, or worn to the back to show off the simplicity of the pearls. Since these pearls are glad they are also vegan and budget friendly! 

For those of you seeking something slightly more "every day" and subtle, I love this moon and star necklace from Laon Ato on Etsy. Its really beautiful, but you could wear it to work without feeling to dressy. Also I like this piece because the little moon makes me feel extra Witchy! 


Next up is Lingerie! My personal favorite thing to treat myself to! Those of you who think lingerie is only for people in relationships, I beg to disagree. Lingerie can be a fantastic way to remind yourself that YOU are beautiful!

First up, I LOVE this whole set from La Lilouche on Etsy. The classic pieces get an amazing boost from the fun color, and the sweet little flowers on such a sexy item are just perfect. The touches of black mean it can match with your favorite black stockings (as seen on the model) and best of ALL! These pieces are currently on sale.

The Kumino set from Toru & Naoko is another that perfect mixes sweet and sexy. The black harness style straps offset by the bow print mesh makes my heart melt! This set is also a little more practical for under clothes, think how cute the top of this bra would be peeking from the top of a dress? This set also comes in white if thats more your style. 


Lets face it, if you are awesome enough to know that you deserve a present this valentines day, you probably need a gift that is a little more WOW than the traditional choices. I've picked these non-tradition items just for people like me, who like their gifts a little out of the box, but still beautiful, useful, and luxurious.

This antique pocket fruit knife is right up my alley. I am of the opinion that everyone should carry some means of self protection, and this one doubles as a gorgeous accessory. Yes you will probably mostly use it to slice yourself an apple, but you could also shank anyone who messes with you. I can't lie I was really close to buy this one for myself, its probably my favorite thing on this list. 

And of course, saving the best for last, this star spangled tiara.  You are an immortal elf queen who shines with the knowledge of the universe, why not show it? If there is one accessory everyone needs, it's a tiara. You need this tiara. You need it. 

There you have it my lovely readers, I hope this list gave you some good ideas, or at least inspired you to go out and treat yourself this Valentine's Day. Have you already bought yourself something? Do you have anything else you feel like everyone needs?



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