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Stitch Fix Review, my 13th Fix

I'm back at it with another Stitch Fix review! I skipped sharing a few boxes with you, this is my 13th Fix! OMG! Its my first Fix taking advantage of Stitch Fix's new plus size offering. Its also my first fix as a regular customer and not a stylist. I was really hesitant to get a box that I couldn't style for myself, I'm super picky and don't really like surprises. Stitch Fix must have sensed my apprehension, or noticed that it had been more than 6 months since my last Fix and sent me an offer to get a Fix with no styling fee. Even with the no styling fee I was still a little hesitant to get a Fix because I would feel really bad if the person who styled for me couldn't live up to my super high, super weird, and super specific expectations, and got dinged for me buying nothing. 

I spent some time looking at online reviews and FB groups where people posted the pieces they got, and I actually liked a lot of the pieces that I was seeing and I decided to take the plunge. Filling out my profile for another person to read was scary, and I even made a special pinterest board for my style that would actually make sense to another human. You can check it out HERE! 
I asked for spring and summer pieces in  natural fabrics that fit the style of my pinterest board. Overall I would have loved more color, but I know thats a difficult request with natural fabrics. My Stylist Jan did a really great job, picked things that I wouldn't have tried on my own, and makes me want to do this again! If you are reading this Jan, THANK YOU! 

What I got
Market and Spruce Sam tee, $38 size 2x
 Market and Spruce Sam Tee in Grey, $38 size 2x
This tee is a really interesting fabric, not like a regular t shirt, more like a very light sweater? But not at all warm, in fact its so lightweight that its going to be perfect for the 115 degree summers. Its hard to describe the material, but be warned it is VERY snag prone. I love it enough that I'm happy to just be very careful when I'm wearing it. If you are clumsy or would be totally devastated for your shirt to get a snag, then this style isn't for you. The color comes off a bit light in this pictures, but IRL its a dark heathered grey that manages to avoid that  "Phys Ed Uniform" look that most heathered grey pieces seem to have.  
Keep or return? KEEP! 

Makers Amie Skinny Jeans in Mint, 18 W 
I had asked for extra long colored jeans (my usual inseam is a 36), knowing that it was unlikely that they would be able to find pants that fit the bill. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that they were able to find a pair of cropped jeans that I actually really like. I'm not usually one for cropped jeans, on me the tend to look like high waters but I am trying to stretch my comfort zone and I love the color of these pants. They are really comfortable and high waisted which is a MUST for me. 
Keep or Return? KEEP

Renee C Amelia Embroidered Skirt, Light Blue 2x 
This skirt was one of my favorite pieces in the box, and ticked so many boxes for me. The main skirt is 100% cotton, its high waisted, goes past my knees (no small feat for my 5'11 frame), and has the deepest pockets I have ever seen on a ready to wear women's garment. It fit like a dream and makes me want to twirl in a field full of flowers. Then I woke up from the dream and realized a few things that kept this skirt from being a perfect 10. While the skirt itself is 100% cotton there is a thick polyester lining. The care tag says 100% cotton so I'm fairly sure the Jan wouldn't have known about the lining, so that couldnt have been helped. The fabric is blue with creme embroidery that, while beautiful, was extremely snaggy. There were several large snags when I took it out of the box, and just taking it on and off for these pictures I got a few more. They were easily fixed by tugging on the sides of the fabric, but with 4 cats, I didn't want to risk it getting permanently damaged. 
Keep or Return? Return 

Deep pockets! 

But a polyester lining, yuk! 

Honey Punch Miriam Pocket Detail Top, blue and white 2x
This button down shirt is 100% cotton and really lightweight and would be amazing for summer time . The fabric on the pocket goes perpendicular to the rest, I love little design details like that! It also had knit panels on the side made from t-shirt material that I didn't like at all at first, but once I had it on I saw how much better it made the fit around the hips and made a kind of a an ~illusion~ that made me look slimmer around the middle.  This shirt fit really well in the shoulders and hips/chest, but was snug in the arms. The tab sleeve isn't my favorite thing, and in this case it just added to the bunchy-too-snugness in the sleeve area. 
Keep or Return? Return

Pocket Detail

Tab Sleeve 

Market & Spruce Mercedes Stitch Detail Cardigan

This cardigan really tempted me, it was SO SOFT! And have you noticed that I am a bit of a cardigan hoarder? Its 100% cotton and has textured stripes in shades of grey. I was really confused because on the card its called mint, but its for sure grey, but I like grey so I don't really mind. Even for a cardigan I think it would have been perfect for summer, and the fit was amazing, this thing felt like it was made for me. I ended up saying no just because the fabric texture has lots of little loops, that I think between my cats and clumsiness, I would ruin in less than a week. 
Keep or Return? Return. 

Up close of the texture

Legging Jeans in indigo, Long Tall Sally HERE
Green Tank top: Old Navy
Shoes: Sam & Libby Chelsea flats in Via Target

I am 5'10, pear or hourglass shape, 38 or 40G and a size 16-22 depending on the brand.

If you like what you see here you can sign up for Stitch Fix HERE!
Have you tried Stitch Fix? Do you love it or do you prefer another Shopping Box? What is your favorite part about it? 

Love, Lillian

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