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Stitch Fix Review, My 8th Fix


I will start by saying, No there are not seven other Stitch Fix review posts that you missed. So yes technically this is my first review, but it is in fact my eighth Fix. Those of you who already subscribe to Stitch Fix or any similar box can understand the feeling when you see the mail carrier walking up with that lovely box in hand. Pure joy! We call it Fix-mas, because it makes you feel that "kid on christmas morning" anticipation and excitement. What has my Fairy Godmother/ Stylist picked for me this time? The packing folks at Stitch Fix really do a great job in making each Fix feel like a  a gift wrapped present. 

Carefully wrapped in crispy white paper with that cheerful mint sticker. (also check that matching manicure) 

Each piece folded and arranged to create a little rainbow 

My first piece is the Papermoon - Puffin black white & grey striped tank, with a scooped hem. 

This top is SUPER soft, and very light weight. Perfect for the 115 degree summers we have.

It has this adorable keyhole back which helps it feel more like a "top" than just a plain tank.
This is my first time experimenting with the super high slit side trend. Its like a little teaspoon of midriff.  Overall I love this tank and it will fit perfectly in with my existing wardrobe.  KEEP!

Up next is the lace yoke Loveapella Rajo tank in fuchsia  with a really cute border print. I love how long this is, I am 5'10 so often shirts end up falling short. If you are petite this top could even function as a tunic to wear with leggings. I was a little worried about the border print, since I have wide hips but it actually ended up being really flattering.

I love that the lace detailing is white rather than ivory and its really soft. Scratchy fabric around my neck/chest is a big no-no for me, since I have super sensitive skin. I was worried this V would dip too low and show off some major cleavage, but you really do get the best of both worlds. The flattering v neckline , but a more demure high scoop coverage.

Back detail. I will most definitely wear a nude bra with this top from now on. This top was a little out of my comfort zone with the lace top, and border print, but I ended up really loving it and I'm so glad I tried it.  KEEP! 

Finally, a piece that I have been lusting after for almost a year was finally available in my size, the Pixley Martina slub knit cardigan in black. Marm has this same cardigan in cranberry and I was burning with jealously every time she wore it.

SUPER duper soft (can you see a pattern that I am obsessed with soft clothing) and has really long sleeves, pockets, and folds up so small you can shove it into your purse without a thought. Yay! I am of the opinion that black cardigans are the single most versatile clothing option on earth.  KEEP!

The final piece is this teal-y blue elephant print infinity scarf for Marm. She has a special affinity for elephants and I knew as soon as I saw it that it was meant for her. Its called "mint" on the receipt but IRL it is quite bright. 

There are tiny little pops of neon grellow, so subtle that even the very trend-wary Marm likes it. There are also tiny pops of a few other colors, and I am excited to see the other pieces that this scarf will look great paired with.  The striped edge gives this scarf a little some extra, it helps accentuates the curve of the scarf, and makes it look intentional rather than just like a long piece of fabric. KEEP! 

You probably noticed that there are only 4 items in this list (if not you can go ahead and scroll up now and check). The final item in my Fix was a pair of Lysse ponte leggings which were too small for me to even squeeze my bum into. So no pictures! I am not disappointed because I know that I am right on the upper edge of Stitch Fix's current size offering and these Lysse leggings run small. I could tell they were super sturdy and would totally be wearable as pants/ out and about. However they were much too small. RETURN!

OTHER CLOTHING; Shorts; Forever21+ HERE  Sandals: Sonoma VIA Kohls Similar HERE
SIZING INFO: All items featured in this post are a size XL. I am 5'10, pear or hourglass shape, 38G and a size 16-22 depending on the brand.
For more info about Stitch Fix check out my FAQ Here
All photos in this post were taken by the lovely Anna Verity, check out her blog HERE

If you like what you see here you can sign up for Stitch Fix HERE!
Have you a Stitch Fix lover like I am? What is your favorite part about it? Let me know
Love, Lillian

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