Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sign Language Bowling

 Last friday I went to the monthly bowling night for my ASL class. I am terrible at bowling but everyone in my class is super fun and getting to watch everyone sign is really fun.

Some one's daughter was even doing face painting. I got a purple glitter heart. OF COURSE

 Bunny Cardigan; H&m, Tights; DKNY, Dress; Thrift, Glasses; 

I was making a really terrible face so please accept this cat face instead. 

Bowling shoes, 2 sizes too big; Country Bowling N California

I nabbed this denim dress during my weekly tour of goodwill, I was a little worried I would look like I was in a religious cult but THANKFULLY it just makes me look like a toddler. So of course I paired it with this sparkly bunny print cardigan that I got from the little girls section of H&M. They make little girl clothes in much bigger sizes now (thank you national obesity crisis)  so I can get all the sparkly pink goodness I want. If any of you are thinking about going to your local deaf bowling night, I would highly suggest it. 

Love, Lillian

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