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Downton Abbey Kiss Me I'm Irish

Here we go! This week's recap of Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 7.  
Now with more Kissing!
As Always 

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Opening shot BATES IS FREEEEEEEEEE!! All right ladies you can unchain yourself from the radiators our boyfriend is FINALLY out of jail. (What are we? Mobwives?)

Anna rolls up in the Benz and picks him up.YAY ANNA!  You are going to have so much SEX!  I mean kissing. I mean hand holding.... err British. 

Everyone downstairs is just as excited as we are with balloons and dancing, EXCEPT THOMAS, who of course is all bitter as a lemon because BTW Bates is going to want his job back and that mean bye bye Thomas. IDK why it seems better to fire him than just let him go back to being a footman or something.  Whatever. 

Isis will listen to your whining

The editor of Bitch magazine writes to Edith again and Matthew pretty much begs her to get out of the damn house. Robert doesn't approve, but no cares. She can stay with Rosamund who we have all but forgotten about by this time. OH HEY ROSAMUND WE NEED YOU FOR SOMETHING. 

Robert fidgets and moans about having to share power over the estate, which if we all remember, was rescued by MATTHEW with Dead Mr Swire's money,  but Robert seems to have forgotten that little morsel. Luckily the one person who never tells Robert he is wrong,   MR BATES, is back. Yay Robert!

Sick Burn Violet

Violet goes to scold Isobel for having a PROSTITUTE as a housekeeper and cook, and  I think she is uncharacteristically mean to Ethel. Everyone in the town is mean to her except Isobel. Poor Ethel.

Sybil would have wanted you to not be such a jerk

Robert must miss sleeping alone because he tries to insist that Tom and Little Sybbie get to kicking rocks and Cora is all NOPE, I want to be a Grandma.

Ivy you are barking up the wrong tree

Alfred asks Ivy out on a date and Ivy invites Jimmy to join them, but he's all LOL NOPE. 
Jimmy is mean to Alfred. Ivy sides with Jimmy, and Daisy is all HELLO ALFRED YOU BIG DOPE, why do you like Ivy when she is SO OBVS into Jimmy [and also Daisy wants Alfred but she doesn't say that out loud.] Dear Daisy, Alfred is a dope.

Anna and Bates pick out a hovel to live in and cackle about Thomas finally getting his comeuppance. HAHAHAHA,  SWEET SWEET REVENGE. 

Hey man, I like how you handle that gravy boat

Thomas flirts with Jimmy and IDK why either Jimmy OR Thomas thinks that O'Brien wants to help them. O'Brien's evil plan for revenge is going well.  Thomas must have the memory of a goldfish to think that she cares about his love life, but he takes the big dumb bait and sneaks into Jimmy's room to give him a smooch while he's asleep.  Come on, Thomas, you couldn't come up with a better plan than that?

 Thomas is also barking up the wrong tree
Alfred barges in to convince Jimmy to just tell Ivy he's not interested and HE'S JUST IN TIME to see the big smooch. Jimmy does NOT smooch back, and is pretty unhappy about the whole situation.  Poor Thomas.  Love makes fools of us all.

Nothing I was just...breakfast.

Everyone downstairs has a RATHER AWKWARD morning after. Alfred frowns at Jimmy who frowns at Thomas. Carson frowns at everyone.

Also Molesley was there

Carson does not approve

Alfred asks his trusty Auntie O'Brien what to do and she advises tattling to Carson to get Thomas in trouble so OF COURSE he does. Carson can not even words. He gives Thomas a VERY stern talking to and I actually feel really bad for Thomas.

Thoroughly Modern Edith

Independent Edith goes to London and accepts a job at a newspaper and has lunch with a MAN! Am I the only one who thinks that Edith should just move to London and stop moping around Downton? She is a big city girl I can just tell. 

Another Irish bad boy, lock up your daughters

Little Sybbie's christening is coming up and Mary gets to be the godmother. Mary is all chuffed and invites Tom's drunkard brother Kieran to stay at Downton. OH BOY we know how those Branson boys get when they drink. Kieran asks for a beer instead of a cocktail after dinner and everyone just about dies of second hand embarrassment. A BEER can you even imagine. 

Hmmm yes.. maps. interesting

Matthew lays out his grand new plan and Jarvis (who?) and Robert are all NO WE ARE BRITISH AND NOPE. Matthew gets RAGING mad but at Downton Abbey that means he raises his voice ever so slightly. Jarvis (who?) is not having ANY OF THAT and quits.  

It is all your fault Matthew

They decide to give Tom the job, whatever that means. I guess Jarvis(who?)  can't have had that important of a job because this is the first time we have heard of him but now it is Tom's new career. Yay Nepotism. 

Matchy Matchy, Isobel didn't get the message 

Least happy family picture ever

It's Little Sybbie's christening and everyone gets all matchy matchy.  They have their pictures taken and laugh at Robert for being a fuddy duddy.  Poor Robert.

They surprised us with a 2 hour episode so the second half of this post will be up in a few days. Darn you Downton Abbey! I actually have stuff to do other than write recaps! 

Recap and Jokes by Lillian and Jenny
Editing by Jenny

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  1. I'd love if Edith moved to London and became a writer, too!


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