Sunday, March 10, 2013

What I wore, Stripes and Punny Mugs

So, first things first. During one of my daily visits to goodwill, I saw the best pun mug ever. 
Scroll down to see the funny

 GET IT? DE CAF! DE CALF! THE CALF! hahahha. No? okay. Maybe it is just me. I love puns.

Here is what I wore, on either that day or some other day. I don't remember.

Dress; Old Navy, Leggings; AA, Shoes; Vans, Cardi; Goodwill, Glasses;
Chubby Chin; Too much Pizza!

I love this dress because it is jersey and so it feels like wearing jammies all day. The bold pattern keeps it from looking like an I-Give-Up-Dress. Add leggings and a cardigan and I am one pillow and blankie away from a nap! Am I the only one who likes to wear clothes that feel like pajamas?



  1. that cardigan is a pretty colour :)

  2. Nice striped dress!


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