Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mini Golf, Mega Fun

Things have been hectic here at the Darling House, I've been working 2 jobs AND I just got Animal Crossing New Leaf, so I am busy 30 hours a day.

Ethan, Marm, and I took a break to get in some much needed mini golf over at our local Small Town Tons O' Fun Go Kart and Mini Golf Emporium. Luckily both of them are good sports because I am pretty much a gold medal olympian at mini golf  (I'm not even bragging that is just true) 

 It was very very very sunny. It is a little tough to look tough when your retinas are burning.

 After our first round we remembered that they have an indoor course too, and our whole top layer of skin was burned off so we decided to give it a try. It was.... Interesting.

 The former attic/spider hotel was recently turned into a "tropical?" theme 7 hole indoor mini golf course. Since it was 8 trillion degrees and had a swamp cooler they achieved a very accurate Florida Bayou air feel. All the faux flora was miniature as well so we all felt extra tall. Then the sun went down and we decided to brave the great outdoors. We were not the only ones who noticed the heat, just about every kid under the age of four was scooping up Ecoli Cola water from the various water features. Yumm, CHLORINE! Mommy my insides feel chemical-y.
 King of the mountain
 By the end we just started kicking the balls into the cup. 

Marm won, I let her have it so she wouldnt feel bad. I'm just that nice. 


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