Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Smaller than a Breadbox

My newest job gives me saturdays off, and this week Marm and I took full advantage. Usually we just wander around our neighborhood but this time I got all organized and found a bunch of yard sales on craigslist and mapped out our route. 

I've always wanted to be the kind of person that has cool records playing all the time, and right now all I have is musical soundtracks. I'm hoping this one I snagged for $1 will be in good enough shape and fun to listen too.

E and I have been kicking around the idea of getting a charcoal grill since last summer, but price and the fact that 90% of them are UGLY has stopped us. This sweet thing fixed that at $8. I can't decide whats my favorite part, his name tag (Little pal), the little chimney in back, its cute little barrel shape, or the little handle that makes me imagine carrying it like a purse to a picnic. I looked on Ebay and it is a discontinued design from the 70's. Nostalgic campers have been snapping them up for $50-$80! I really love it but I'm thinking of listing it. What do you think?

These vintage tea tins were filled with vintage tea, which had to go in the trash. I know it was stale and about 30 years old but it was hard to see all the tea in the bin! I am a total hoarder of little tins but these also might get listed in my etsy.

More  tea tins, these were tiny! Also filled with 30 year old tea. They all have a bad case of grubby, but still so cute! I've used them already to hold 1 pot's worth of tea for a overnight stay.
 Another tea tin! I wish I could have saved this label somehow but it was fragile and pretty much shredded apart in my hands. The label was designed to be removed and the tin kept as a collectable and around the handle it says  "Start your collection!"

Probably my oddest find was this breadbox! It has a little removable shelf inside and was covered with stickers and packing tape all over the sides.  I spent several hours scrubbing and de-gunking and it still needs a bit more love. I'm planning on spray painting it (I'm thinking a minty/jadite green?) and buffing the built in cutting board with bees wax.

Not pictured is a HUGE pyrex baking dish with a lid (perfect size for a church pot-luck sized batch of Funeral Potatoes), an automatic citrus juicer and a milk glass mixing bowl.

I've got a bunch of stuff just waiting to be listed in my Ebay and Etsy, I will post links and pictures here as soon as I have them.


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  1. Hi Lillian!

    Did you decide to sell the little BBQ?

    If you do, I'd sure be interested in it.



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