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Downton Abbey Recap, If At First You Don't Succeed

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Mr Bates walks alone to Downton.  Anna won’t explain why she moved back to a cozy warm room in the big house and won’t come back to their basement apartment romantic little cottage. So sad.

Sad Bates

Sad Anna

Mrs Baxter brings some Tang up to Cora; her first glass of orange flavored breakfast beverage in thirty years. Yummy! Those astronauts sure know what’s good.

Now I won't get scurvy 

Mrs Patmore asks Carson if the staff can help Alfred prepare for his test at the top notch super deluxe cooking school.  He prepares dough balls with egg yolk sauce inside, which *I* personally would not wish to find on my plate, but this is England.  Well.  Good luck in chef school, Alfred!

nom nom

Robert attends the funeral of dead Mr Drew Senior.  Mr Drew Junior wants to move back in, but Robert is pretty sure he doesn’t want a bunch of deadbeats living next door forever so he says, yeah probably not.

So like, how tall are you?

Robert shows Lord Gillingham’s engagement announcement to Mary.  What?  But Tony loves ME! I mean, how lovely, I’ll send  a card.   

Gimme that

Dr Clarkson asks Isobel to help find a job for Lil' Peg, like maybe at Violet’s? PBS surprised us by explaining that this kid was someone they knew from the Minute Clinic. (BBC thought we should just GUESS, but we couldn’t.)

This is my LOVE seat, wink wink

Mrs Baxter drags her big heavy  sewing machine down two flights of stairs into the servants hall and offers to let Daisy try it. The others stand way back, as if the Singer is a lion on a string.

Come on. I dare you

Mr Drew Junior asks Robert if he can come live at Hog Holler farm. Robert whines, because he is Robert, but later decides Mr Drew can take over the farm and offers to loan him money to pay off the back rent.  Mary wants to throw him out, because she is Mary, even though the Drew family has been there since heck was a pup. 

I'm a Yorkshireman.  I'm extra short and pull my pants up to my sternum.

The days go by, but there are no letters from Michael for Edith. Where did he go? She wears the MOST dismal looking hair shirt dress we have ever seen and Mary is compelled to kick her some more while writing a note to Tony Gillingham and his bride Mabel.  Dear Tony, congratulations and I’m sure Mabel doesn’t really have a mustache, but something about her just reminds me of your mother. PS, you’re a pretty good kisser.

Edith's I give up dress

Now that she is a fully involved parent, Mary holds Baby George on her elegant silk lap  in the room he shares with his cousin Sybbie.  Just like poor kids.

single parents

alone together

Rose wants to have a party for Robert's birthday.  She has something under her hat and we think it rhymes with Slack Sandleader. Cora’s all, I sure do love a surprise which is good, because it will be.

Thomas nags Baxter to be all sneaky upstairs and report back to him.  What is her stupid secret, anyway?  Will we find out this season?  Who would sell their soul to Terrible Thomas unless the secret was totally GRUESOME, like murder? 

I know something you don't know

Alfred gets chosen to test for the top notch super deluxe cooking school but it’s in two days! NOW WHAT? Carson decides to offer Alfred’s job to Molesley.  He’s sure Molesley will jump at the chance.  Even Marm would take that job.

A footman?

Cora comes downstairs to announce that they are getting--TA DA!--a refrigerator, but Mrs Patmore knows it’s the beginning of the end.   A toaster!  A mixer!  Next they’ll all get iPhones and it will be the end of conversation altogether.

This refrigerator doesn't have an ice cube maker or ANYTHING

Alfred goes off to test at the top notch super deluxe cooking school.  Daisy is sad.

My goal is to be the world's tallest chef

Edith decides to go to the London Planned Parenthood  Michael’s office to, you know,  check on things.  Poor Edith!  Maybe Aunt Rosamund was right.  Edith enters a mysterious office in London.  We know it’s an OB though because the sign says  Dr Goldman.

lady doctor time

Surprise, Evelyn Napier shows up unannounced at Downton Abbey.  Say, we liked him, what happened again?  Oh, right, that Turkish guy.  But that was ten years ago, and now Evelyn works for the gubmint, and is in town to investigate  the postwar problems of the landed gentry.  Mary invites Evelyn, and his boss, to stay with them.  Charles Blake, remember that name.

Lovely to see you looking so lovely

I know, right?

TWBBE (The World’s Best Boyfriend Ever) even if he’s super intense about it,  Bates twists Mrs Hughes' arm (Ouch!  OK!  Dang!) and threatens to disappear if she won’t tell what really happened to Anna.  We already know what happened so here is a kitten.

Soft kitten, fluffy kitten, little ball of fur

Violet suspects Lil' Peg stole her special letter opener and stomps over to Isobel’s.  Isobel defends Lil' Peg because seriously, Violet, how many letters do you suppose he gets?

What's an envelope?

Tom considers moving to the US to become a movie star. We’ve seen him with his shirt off, and we don't doubt he'd do very well, except that we need him at  Downton to dance with old ladies and be Mary’s best friend.  

If you leave, I'll have to be best friends with Edith.

Womp womp, Alfred doesn’t get accepted into the top notch super deluxe cooking school AFTER ALL and comes back to Downton.  Molesley accepts the footman position, but Carson says sorry bub, seems that job’s not available any more.  Poor Molesley.

Dramatic eye roll

Mary and Tom  wander over to Hog Holler Farm to pester Mr Drew. You've been here for like three whole days, how is reorganizing and rebuilding the whole farm from the ground up and everything going? NOT DONE YET? Hmmmmmmmm. 

So like, what's in those big old baskets?

Daisy is chuffed Alfred didn’t get into the top notch super deluxe cooking school,  but girl, that ship has sailed.  All we want is for you to be friends with Ivy again like last season.

Anna forgives Mrs Hughes for spilling her secret and we do, too.  Bates says I don’t want you to worry but I’m going to find out who hurt my Anna and KILL HIM. Cue the ominous music! Seriously, Mr Bates, when you get like this--and we appreciate that you do--it freaks us out a little.

OK THEN! Everyone make it through the episode? We got you this baby panda to snuggle, he also brought you some ice cream and a soft blanket. 

First one to figure out why Ivy is the only kitchen servant who doesn't  wear a cap, raise your paw.

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