Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zen's Visit to the Chicken Farm

Just in case you were thinking that Marm and I spend ALL our time hunched over our computers remote control clenched in one sweaty fist, watching this weeks Downton Abbey episode for the 5000000th time, editing and re-editing our recap, you are right. However since last week had a lot more funny stuff happen, we were able to write it a whole day faster and we got to spend a day unchained from our laptops. 

I used my day off to take my niece (not really my niece but I have known her mom and dad for a zillion years) to the farm! E's Granny and Papa live way out in the stix and have a great chicken farm with lots of space to run and play and its pretty much disneyland when you are two. 

We started off our day with orange juice. I took about 8 million pictures because Zen is the worlds cutest child. Seriously she is so cute and will tell you stories about candy canes (her favorite food)

 Running Running, lots of space for Running! When you are a toddler running is a fun game all by itself.

There are a bunch of chickens and also a growing heard of peacocks.

Helping Papa Lowell Feed the chickens. Bok Bok!

Zen loved tossing the chicken feed in the air and telling us how hungry the chickens were.

Helping Granny Fran

After feeding, it was time to GATHER EGGS!

Zen got a little too excited about the eggs and tried to crack some on the sides of the roost, like how she learned when she was helping us bake cookies. 

After egg gathering class, it was time to bang on the piano!

After we got home,  I remembered that I haven't posted an outfit shot in forever and a half, so here you go! E was kind enough to be my photographer, thats his thumb in the bottom of the photo. Since I saw Frozen in theatres I've been rocking a side braid non-stop, haters gonna hate.

Dress; Old Navy, Cardigan; H&M Kids, Leggings; AA, Shoes; Target Vans knockoffs.


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