Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lillian gets a New Job

This is not a Downton Abbey post! For my Downton-Fans, the final post is in the works, but as we all know that episode was a total train wreck and so trying to recap it is taking a zillion years. This post is what my blog is about the other 43 weeks of the year, ME! 

Great news here in Lillian's life, I got a job! A, real, sit at a desk, take an hour lunch, wear nice clothes, JOB! I'm going to miss the adventure of trying to find enough babysitting, housecleaning, odd-jobs, and ebay sales to pay my bills, but having a paycheck land in my bank account 2x a month should make up for that! 

As for outfit posts, They will either increase dramatically, since I actually have to get dressed every day, or decrease since I have to leave my house by 7:45 and it takes me like an hour to get a decent picture of myself. I did manage to grab a shot of what I wore on my first day! E took these pictures and I forgot to tell him that shoes are a part of the outfit, so just imagine you can see some black flats with bows on the toes down at the bottom. 

 Sweater; H&M, Tights;DKNY, Skirt & Necklace; Thrift.
This skirt is awesome because not only is it really twirly, it is printed with ELEPHANTS! I am totally obsessed with quirky prints, and my dream is to have a print for every activity like Miss Frizzle.

Other things happening here at the Darling House, I bought a bag of tiny avocados. Like seriously tiny. like medium sized eggs.  Here is one next to a quarter. SO CUTE!

Also Mr Carson and Naughty Lottie attacked a bag of food I brought inside and ripped it open. Its not like they have a giant bowl of food in the kitchen. OH WAIT YES THEY DO!

What is new with all ya'll? Any new jobs? New hobbies? Naughty Cats?



I made a playlist of job-themed music to dance around to and this was at the top of my list! (even though my job is actually 8-5, but I won't tell if you don't)


  1. My cats stopped eating for a while. I was worried my visitors (holiday time) had traumatized them so badly they they had gone off their food. Then one day I was walking through the room and noticed the closet door cocked open. I thought "oh no..." And sure enough. They had gotten into the closet and ripped open a bag of food and were having an all-you-can-eat buffet in the closet. Nevermind that it's the EXACT SAME FOOD as in their dish. I guess the bag is more exciting.

    We have the same issue with their bedtime "pills" that they get at the same time I take my bedtime pills. It's the exact same food as in their dish but heaven forbid they not get their pills. lol

    Cute dress.

  2. Congratulations on the job!
    I was actually starting to write an email to you yesterday to see if you were okay… No, you don't know me, I was just checking daily for the Downton Recap and doing the "mom" thing where you imagine all kinds of dire reasons for something not happening.
    Glad it was just the density of the episode and maybe partly the job!

  3. Well, I'm here again to say, Are you okay? (say that just like my mom says it).
    How's the job?


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